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Hagar Satat, One of the Leading Jewelry and Accessory Designers in Israel

Hagar Satat, one of the leading jewelry and accessory designers in Israel, is a graduate of the Crafting & Fashion department of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design school in Jerusalem. The brand was founded in 2004 by Hagar Satat. Hagar’s designs are based on a mixture of silver or 24 karat gold-coated metals combined with a wide assortment of materials, and are handmade in Israel. The use of these materials allows Hagar to create fascinating and unique pieces of Jewelry which redefine what

“Jewelry” means, making the Jewelry dictate the style so you “dress along with the Jewelry”, as opposed to the classical use where the Jewelry compliments the style.

The selected products reflect and express the brand’s identity and atmosphere. A combination of an assortment of materials, special elements with a presence and uncompromising quality.